Become a Virtual Assistant
Virtual Assistant Training & Certification Program
To register, the registration form must be requested via –
academy@nabeelabed, or via WhatsApp +21651178694


Welcome to the VA training and certification program – This program is a coaching program that is conducted via correspondence with guided facilitation from start to finish! This program is also limited to 5 students at a time and requires registrations to be completed one week before the program start date. This program is also done individually and not in groups.

Why become a Virtual Assistant?
There are many reasons that people want to become a Virtual Assistant. The main reasons are flexibility and freedom, but there are actually many more.
You can work when you want
From being able to spend more time with your kids to caring for elderly family members, working for yourself means you can organize your day to fit around the life you have or the type of life you want to create.
You can work where you want
Work from locations all around the world because all you need is your laptop and an Internet connection. So if you’re looking for a location-independent or digital nomad lifestyle, virtual assistance will fit the bill perfectly.
You get to use your brain
Working for yourself is a constantly evolving journey that requires you to think for yourself and come up with creative solutions for both your own business and your client’s business.
It’s rewarding
Dedicating years of your life to a company who doesn’t value you or appreciate your loyalty and hard work is heartbreaking. But, when you run your own business, it’s you who is rewarded – both financially and emotionally.
It’s empowering
Even though there will be ups and downs (if it was easy everyone would do it), you’re the one in control. No more waiting to see if the axe of redundancy will fall… you’re the one who gets to decide your future. When you run your own business you have more choices than employees and are in control of what happens to you.

Why Virtual Assistants will always do well
Virtual Assistance is a highly robust industry that withstands turbulent times. Here’s why:
1. Virtual Assistants have numerous transferable skills and can work with any type of business, in any location, in any timezone and in any currency. This means they have more options than employees.
2. Virtual Assistants sole purpose is to assist small businesses. It’s even in their job title! Their entire business model is helping other businesses thrive so they will have numerous solutions to help their clients adapt and pivot if they are struggling.
3. Virtual Assistants possess a plethora of valuable skills from many years of office experience. They have also undertaken multiple types of tasks for clients within a wide range of industries. Even though they may have a specific niche, they will also have clients in other industries. So if one client is impacted, the rest won’t be.
4. Virtual Assistants know how to communicate and collaborate virtually and they possess a wealth of tech knowledge that all types of businesses can benefit from.
5. Virtual Assistants are resourceful, highly-organised and have excellent forward-planning abilities. They’re unflappable and excellent problem solvers.

Course Content 
Introduction – Virtual Assistant
Earning Potential
Marketing – Finding clients
Tool Sets as an effective VA
Types of services that can be offered
Putting together strategies and proposals
Internet connection and laptop
Program Duration
One week

After program completion you will receive –
Templates to help you get started.
Constant individual support