Understanding how recruiters work

People are often confused or unaware of the inner workings of a recruiter or recruitment agencies. Applicants often assume that it is the job of a recruiter to find them work and if the recruiter cannot do so then he/she is no good.

The idea of writing a CV is often misunderstood and when a recruiter suggests the acceptable way of writing a CV, many think that the recruiter is just being difficult.  Many people fail to realize that a recruiter and even the company offering the position only spend at most 2 minutes going through your CV and so it is expected that your CV is short and to the point. Well-arranged and must have a profile photo of the applicant.

Recently, I have heard of stories where “recruiters” ask people to pay a certain amount of money upfront or they would not be helped in finding a job. They often call this a recruitment fee or some would call it administration fees. What must be understood is that you should not be paying recruiter any money for any of their services. Recruiters need you more than you need them! Without you, a recruiter cannot make money. What do I mean?

A recruiter makes money, not from the applicant! But from the company, they recruit for! Recruiters have a signed agreement with the company they recruit for which would stipulate how the company will pay the recruiter for each person they recruit and successfully completes the probation period. Notice that you, the applicant does not need to pay anything to a recruiter.
If a recruiter asks for money upfront, STAY AWAY! What admin fees do they have that you would need to pay for? Nothing! Recruitment fee? They cannot guarantee you a job so what do they want you to pay for?

During my time as a recruiter, I have noticed that people do not really know how recruitment works. They merely just trust blindly and do not do their own homework. About doing your homework it is absolutely important to understand every detail before going through with it. There are many scammers out there who give recruiters a negative reputation. Recruiters are good people who serve to assist and facilitate job placement. I say this many times and will do so again. A RECRUITERS JOB IS NOT TO FIND YOU A JOB, BUT RATHER TO FIND PEOPLE FOR THE JOBS THAT ALREADY EXIST. Please understand that.

A recruiter who you can trust will always be transparent with you and will always have the time to give you the advice best suited for you. Honesty should be key and is key with many recruiters, but people need to do their homework and ask as many questions as possible!

Over the course of the next few weeks, I will discuss in detail other areas such as visa’s and accommodation and much more which are included in the contract.