To register, the registration form must be requested via – or via WhatsApp +216 511 78694


Nabeel Abed Academy introduces a paid subscription service which will allow subscribers to access all courses, workshops and services for a duration of min 3 months.

Take advantage of the new SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE.
Note that the fee will cover any service taken by the subscriber at no additional costs.
Subscribers will have access to the following –

TEFL 120 hour course

Adobe Photoshop workshop

Teaching online workshop

Career coaching

Personal development coaching

Digital marketing consulting

IBL workshop

Why a subscription service?

With the subscription service you don’t need to register separately for services/courses/workshops. You can join them at any time within you 3 month plan. You also won’t need to pay separately or additional fees because it’s all covered in the subscription fee.

How does it benefit the subscriber?

Having access to the career coaching services at any time during the 3 months allows us to guide you towards where you want to go and how to get there. Having the ability to just join a service/course/workshop at any time also makes it easy and makes you feel less pressured considering that if your subscription ends but still have a workshop still going on, the workshop will not cancel but you will continue with it until it ends.
Subscribers will also have access to all jobs and will be given first preference to apply. Subscribers will be added to the Nabeel Abed Career Lounge group which will be strictly for paid subscribers. The group itself will have live sessions and up to date content that you can use. Subscribers will also have one on one zoom meetings either weekly or bi weekly.


Rules –

1. The subscription service is for a minimum duration of 3 months.

  1. You can renew the subscription.
  2. There are no refunds on the subscription.
  3. You can choose to gift a family member or friend a service/course/ workshop.
  4. Services/courses/workshops can only be used once.
  5. Once a service/course/workshop has been redeemed it cannot be used again meaning that if you have selected to do a teaching online workshop, you cannot gift the service to somebody else.
  6. If you decide to register for a service on the last day of your subscription, your subscription will end but the service/course/workshop you have registered for will continue.
  7. All services/courses/workshops will be conducted as normal within the subscription as they are conducted outside of the subscription service.
  8. Rules and regulations of the services/courses/workshops apply also within the subscription service.
  9. Services/courses/workshops can be redeemed at any time within the 3 month period without the need of a formal registration but rather requesting to join the service/course/workshop via Email or WhatsApp (Alternative to email) and do not need to wait for registration dates of the Services/course/workshop.
  10. Subscribers will not be charged any additional fees for joining services/courses/workshops.
  11. The standard subscription fee is R 6000.00 for 3 months.
  12. Payment can be made as follows –
  13. A) Paid in full on registration. B) Two Installments – 1 on registration and the other on a specified date given by Nabeel Abed Academy. C) Three instalments – paid per month at specific dates agreed on registration.
  14. Subscriptions will be cancelled if payment agreements are not met as per the dates specified. Cancelled subscriptions due to payment failure will also have services/ courses/ workshops cancelled immediately.
  15. Courses and workshops completed will include certification as per the courses/workshop regulations outside of the subscription service.
  16. Career Coaching within the subscription service, is readily available to all subscribers at any time, scheduling dates and times as per regulations is required. Coaching sessions can happen via WhatsApp or Zoom.
  17. All Subscribers will be added to a private WhatsApp group where you will then receive exclusive resources, material and job posts.
  18. Nabeel Abed Academy will have a limited 10 subscriber’s per month.