Kids need to be kids! Education is still prehistoric


Education today seems to be the only thing that has yet to evolve like the many things around us. Food, clothes, communication and our lifestyle have all evolved, but education.
While there are some countries who have implemented change and have done well with the changes that they have made, others seem to have fallen way off the tracks with educational development. We look at Finland and Singapore who have become the leaders of global education simply because they understand what education is all about. They understand that education is all about learning through experience and having fun. It’s not about the testing and grading that happens so often and it certainly is not about the daily homework that pins students down until it’s time for bed. They also understand that technology is now a big part of our daily lives and that resources don’t have to be just a prescribed textbook but that there is a myriad of information available to students via the World Wide Web. Therefore they have found that it is in the best interest to use what students like, not what they assume but what is preferred by the students in order to engage them and interact with them in order to get the message across and reach the ultimate objective which is to educate their students.

However, in some countries, we still find that the old methods of teaching still dominate the classrooms. Teachers walk into the class, stand in front and speak nonstop for 45 minutes, expecting students to note down as they speak. There is no student interaction, no peer assessments, no engaging activities and certainly opportunity for students to dictate the pace of their learning. Today, we still find classes with a student capacity of no less than 30 students per class, sometimes more. Students are still given homework; they are still being dictated to and are still expected to be quiet in class. Students are still using textbooks and are still forced to sit and write tests every so often and then followed up with exams in the middle and end of the year.

Education needs to become more enjoyable, less dictated.Students need to be able to learn content of relevance, they need to learn pure life skills.Content from textbooks and being told how to learn and what to learn, when to learn and why to learn it at this age or at another particular age makes no sense, we are only making them stupid and narrow-minded.Children are becoming rebels today because of how education is being delivered to them.Why do they need to follow so many rules that play no importance in today’s life?They need rules, yes.But they need rules that would shape them for reality after all is that not what a school is there for? To mold kids into the real world?
Schools today have become questionable, nationalizing schools makes no sense in South Africa’s case.Private schools claim to be better but also still follow some of the same ideologies that should be thrown away in today’s age.

Kids need to be free, curriculums need to take shape according to the needs of students, kids need to learn better communication rather than learning heavy content that they may never use because some of the content they learn is just pointless and sometimes becomes irrelevant.They do not need homework, they need more time to spend developing social skills whether it is an activity given by the school or just free time at home.Kids need to be developed according to how they learn and education systems need to understand this and not enforce stupidity.