Welcome to the educator mentorship program. This program is unique. It is not professional development in the ways that you know it; instead, it aims to empower you, and open you up to the other endless possibilities education has to offer rather than just being in a classroom. Please make no mistake about it; teaching a class is fun. However, there comes the point in one’s professional life where changes need to occur, for growth to take place. This program aims to do that, following many of the traditional steps of career coaching with added benefits for teachers.

The Educator mentor program is a coaching program designed to go beyond the classroom and explore the other opportunities available within education. Teachers study a Bachelors degree in EDUCATION, yet are only directed towards being teachers. While teaching is fun, are you going to teach forever or are you willing to explore the other possibilities available to you?

In order to transition into another area of education outside the classroom, In-classroom experience is important. That is why the EMP also looks at supporting teachers within the classroom as well. Advising teachers on how issues can be resolved, providing assistance with understanding curriculums, methodologies, and resources. We look at common problems that teachers face daily and assist them with these.

A one month mentorship program for educators.
You must be a holder of a Bachelors degree in Education or currently studying towards a B.Ed. PGCE and other education related qualifications are also welcome.

If you need to do the TEFL course – The Educator Mentorship Program includes that for you. I say if you need to do it only because some teachers already have it and some don’t. We look at different curriculums and not just at what they are but also how they work, the methodologies used within them and how you can incorporate it into your system. We explore career options and the endless possibilities you have with your B.Ed degree. We look at issues that teachers are faced with today and help overcome those issues by proposing effective work around solutions.

Additional to the program –
24 hour support
Resources – Teacher starter Kit
Courses conducted individually and not in groups
Continuous after program support – no additional cost.

Career Road maps, model systems, free resources and free access to courses.
This is professional development done right!