Educating parents on education

With education drastically changing, parents need to educate themselves on the different approaches to learning. These days many parents take it for granted that their kids are “angels” and are very smart. While their kids may actually be very smart, there may be reasons as to why their true potential is not being shown. Parents need to stop walking into schools and flaring up with teachers when they actually don’t know much about education itself.
If you are one of those arrogant types of parents who tell teachers that you “pay their salaries”, then please find a better school for your child, which 9 out of 10 times, this never happens. Parents do love to rant and rave when they know absolutely nothing about the system. They love to make threats and say that they would remove their kid from the school and move them to another. This never happens because they know that they put their kids in that particular school for a reason.
To me, parents who make such threats add no value to society.

It is sad to see school headmasters and heads of department just fall at the feet of parents and also turn around and blame teachers. Most schools do it.When a parent complains about a teacher, the principal is quick to call in the teacher and discipline them without finding out the issues from the teacher. Such stupidity by principals needs to stop. Parents need to stop blaming people for their lack of parental guidance over their children, as said before, many times over, your child is not who you think they are when they are away from you! Parents let that sink in!
Parents often like to say that the school does not know what its doing, let me ask parents this question. Do you even know what a school is supposed to be doing? It is very easy to sit and talk when you have no clue.I’m not saying that all parents should go and study education, all I’m saying is before screaming at teachers, before talking down about schools, perhaps try to understand what they are supposed to do and what are your rights of a parent, because only when you do this can you properly be a critic of a system.

What should parents know about schools?
Parents need to understand that many private schools operate as a business. Private schools at the end of the year first calculate their profits and losses then look at why they have made the losses they did, as like any other business, and in business terms it logical.However, you have to know but that alone that your child is not the first priority of the school. Private schools before spending any money would first look at how it benefits them financially before how it benefits their students. Is this a type of school you really want to send your kids to?
Public schools, on the other hand, are just outright sorry excuses for schools. Funded and run by the government, no stationary, lack of funding, overcrowded classrooms, teachers not properly trained and some schools don’t even have basics needed to run a classroom.

Not all private schools behave in this way, some actually do have their students’ best interest at heart which is shown through the year on their academic and social developments. Schools must put their students’ before anything.The continuous assessment must take place and must be done correctly. A true reflection of a student’s performance must be given to the parent. Many schools love to boast about their use of technology in the classroom, about how their school doesn’t use textbooks but rather uses tablets. While it all sounds fancy to the parent, the parent themselves are in most cases clueless about how it should work when it comes to using technology in the classroom effectively.

What should parents know about teachers?
Most importantly, teachers are not robots, teachers are not slaves and they do not work for parents. So parents, please stop assuming such things. Teachers are humans, and they do have lives outside of school! It always amazes me that when kids bring home their report cards are parents aren’t happy with what they see it automatically is the teachers fault and the next day they headed off to school to deal with the teacher who is “not doing their job”. Parents, you don’t know a teacher’s job so please educate yourself. Have you ever stopped to think that maybe your child is the issue, maybe your child is not paying attention? Maybe your child is not coping and needs a different strategy?

Parents are not always wrong but the way you handle certain things with teachers is disgusting. You need to first understand what teachers should be doing. You have every right to question a teacher, just do it respectfully and not in a way that makes a teacher feel inadequate.

A teacher is there to guide and facilitate your kids learning. When something goes wrong they supposed to immediately notify you and not wait for you to turn up at school. For example, if your child does not do their homework or project then they should be notifying you immediately and keeping a record of it.Your child is late to class or doesn’t show up at all should prompt a teacher to call you immediately and make a note of it.
If your child fails a test, what measures have they taken to improve the mark? Was there a retest? Were there any revision worksheets?
Such questions must be asked before playing the blame game. Maybe also ask, what’s going on at home that could be playing a negative role? Are you, as the parent, spending enough time with your child?

Parents you need to understand your role as parents. You must also understand how schools work, how curriculums work and most importantly understand that your child is not always the angel you think they are, trust me when they are away from you, they are anything but an angel. Take the time out to understand things from both sides. You have a right to question but do so after doing your homework. Research the schools, check up on their assessment methods and approaches to teaching and learning, check up on the extracurricular activities they have that will help you develop your child socially. Check up on what your kids are being taught, are they being dictated to or are they being developed with lifelong skills that will make them better global citizens?Are your kids being spoon fed or being encouraged to become critical thinkers?

Don’t just walk into schools to play the blame game!