Discipline in schools today

DisciplineAccording to new research, common school discipline practices such as telling students of in front of the entire class, or punishing the whole class for just a few and detention whereby a student would miss their break or even stay in after school as a means of punishing bad behaviour has proved to be an ineffective forms of punishment.
What studies have shown is that instead of changing behavior, these forms of punishment can create a rebellious student and even damage the relationship between a teacher and student.

Being spoken to in front of the whole class is seen as demeaning.Recent methods that were found to have been more successful are verbal warnings, communicating with parents or even politely and away from everybody else speaking to the students. Of course, the whole point of punishment is so that it becomes unpleasant for the student and makes him/her feel some sort of guilt for the wrong that they have done,

Studies show that students distinguished between rewards, which were related to school work, and punishments which were related to behavior. Punishments given out for not doing their work are perceived as behavior.
Behaviour policies have no real theoretical basis at all, It is based on an approach which is not found in any other area of teaching. Rather than being based on evidence, discipline policies rely on a behaviorist approach: that if a behavior is reinforced it will continue and if it is not reinforced it will stop. That may be great if you are training animals but not when you are dealing with students. If we don’t take that approach in other areas of education then I don’t see why we should have it in a behavior policy. Students may learn that bad behavior has consequences, but they are not learning how to behave better.

Sometimes I think that teachers feel good about themselves to put someone in detention, but children aren’t being taught to behave. What teachers need to do is to find the reason for the bad behavior and understand it first, because every kind of behavior has a reason and when we understand the reason we will be able to correct the behavior and teach students the appropriate way to behave.

Schools need to start building better teacher-parent relationships. They need to show more compassion towards the student because at the end of the day education is all about touch the mind, the heart and soul of our students and as long as we do not show compassion, we will not be able to correctly rectify and teach appropriate behavior.