Teaching online – Workshop


We take an in-depth look at the requirements and procedures towards teaching online whether you are working for a company or privately, internationally or locally, teaching online from a personal experience is the most relaxing, convenient and enjoyable experience you could ever experience, let us not forget financially rewarding, if done correctly!

The one week interactive online workshop follows the following structure –

Teaching Online – Workshop structure –

Registration – Must be made before a stipulated date which will be 1 week before the workshop start date.
After Registration – Once registration is completed, you will receive your handbook which you should browse through in order to prepare for the workshops

Day 1 & 2 – Read through your handbook.

Day 3 – What is teaching online and how does it work?
– Choose your area of Online Teaching
– Communicate with students

Day 4 – Technology
– Resources and tools
– Materials and activities for online lessons

Day 5 – Effective ways to market yourself
– Online teaching tips
– Attracting students

Day 6 – Online demo lesson with feedback
– Introduction Video
– Interview prep
– CV


The workshop will be conducted via Zoom – The workshop is live and interactive and conducted individually. No pairs or groups.
It is not mandatory to have your video on. Zoom allows for many tools as well as screen sharing and is a popular in online teaching.

Additional to the program –
24 hour support
Resources – Teacher starter Kit
Courses conducted individually and not in groups
Continuous after program support – no additional cost.

Please request registration form through whatsapp +216 51178694 or email academy@nabeelabed.co.za