In order to register for a TEFL program, you must be referred. Those who have not been referred will have to go through an interview to determine program acceptance by Nabeel Abed Academy.  The process is not an automatic, machine process but rather a phone call must be arranged to understand processes of how the course and registration works.



Option A –  TEFL ONLY
This option is suitable for people who only require the TEFL course to complete their job application process. They may have a contract awaiting them but to complete formalities; they need the TEFL course. This option is perfect for this specific group of people.

Option B –  
This option serves people who wish to do the TEFL course and are looking to relocate but do not have an idea of where they would like to go and how to go about it all. This option perfectly prepares people in regards to understanding how to research, organize their CV’s and prepare interview questions. During this option, sample work contracts are shown and discussed, visa rules and regulations as well as the cost of living of countries, how to compare and look at all the finer details before making decisions.

Option C – 
TEFL + Online teaching workshop
This option is ideal for those who want to work from home, teaching online. Once the TEFL course is complete, the 6-day learning online workshop is conducted. This workshop shows you how to search and communicate with schools effectively. We show you how to research schools and find the schools that are best suited for you and also guides you on how to use platforms and applications. We help with your CV, preparing intro videos and you will be required to prepare a demo lesson which you will receive feedback on.

All options include – 
24 hour support
Resources – Teacher starter Kit
Courses conducted individually and not in groups
Continuous after program support – no additional cost.


The course is internationally recognized by schools and companies. All certificates carry a SETA number.
To register, the registration form must be requested via –

academy@nabeelabed.co.za or via WhatsApp +216 511 78694