Its about creating an experience – a life long journey! 

Nabeel Abed Academy also focuses on recruitment. Our focus is geared towards education as it is a well known fact that the demand for language teachers and teachers in general is overwhelming.

We follow traditional sourcing methods such as: Online/social media marketing, strong SEO, education fares etc. The legal requirement for educators in The Middle East to have a minimum of 2 years postgraduate experience and 4 years in the case of a PGCE, has lead us to providing a different solution.

Nabeel Abed is also accredited with the skills training sector (ETDP – SETA) within South Africa. Once a candidate has applied with us, they’re screened and interviewed by one of our team members. Candidates who qualify through our interview process are then identified and shared with schools we feel would suit.

Why Choose us?

We believe there is more to choosing a person that fits a skill need in an organization than only verifying qualifications and their legitimacy. Other than filtering through relevant CVs, qualifications, workplace experience and references, we carry out mandatory 1-1 client interaction. Due to education consulting and career coaching services, Nabeel Abed Academy is well experienced and qualified to train and enhance teachers in order to prepare them for the journey that waits. Its about creating an experience and opening doors.

Current Vacancies –

South Korea
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Process for recruitment  –

Interested applicants should apply with the following to

1. CV no longer than 3 pages.
2. Introduction Video – No longer than 1 minute.

If an applicant is deemed qualified, and interview will be setup between the candidate and Nabeel Abed Academy. After the interview the candidates further requested credentials will then be verified after which the candidate’s file will then be presented to our client. The client will review the file and then make contact with the candidate for set up an interview.
If successful, Nabeel Abed Academy will then guide the process towards visa applications.