Inquiry Based Learning for an online classroom

What is IBL?
Students learn more due to the fact that they take action and apply the skills that they learn. IBL is a fancy word for curiosity, every child is curious. Teachers need to allow this curiosity within a controlled environment. The best way to learn is to question. Human nature is to question therefore questions by students should always be welcomed by the teacher. IBL is about igniting passion and relevance and not just about finishing routine. We need to assess knowledge and understanding and not memory and speed. IBL is about student exploration. The basics of IBL are to come up with rich questions for students. Questions that don’t already have the answers in it. This enables thinking. Student will begin to do things related to passion and excitement, they become inspired and motivated, they struggle at times but this is the meaning of a true education. The IBL method allows for students and teachers to go far and beyond the expectations of the curriculum. Students become invested in their learning and are able to transfer what they learn in school to the real world.

By the end of the workshop, you’ll be able to…

Demonstrate the key skills and knowledge needed to conduct IBL through online teaching.
Plan and deliver lessons.
Understand how to develop inquiry within students.
Reflect and improve on professional practice.

How does the workshop work?
The workshop is aimed at newly qualified and experienced teachers.

Time – The workshop is 2 hours
Venue – Conducted online

Please request registration form through whatsapp +216 51178694 or email