1. Is your TEFL recognized?
    Yes. The fact that Nabeel Abed Academy has a huge presence in East Africa, the Middle East, Far East, and Europe, easily makes us a recognizable brand.
  2. Are there payment options for the course?
    Yes, 50% of the fee should be paid on registration and the balance is to be paid on an agreed date before course completion.
  3. How is the course done? Do I receive a login username and password?
    The course is correspondence, so no; you don’t get a login username and password. The assessment portfolio and study material are emailed to you immediately after you have sent through your registration documents. You receive guided assistance at your request, via video call, voice call or email, whichever you prefer.
  4. How long is the course?
    The standard duration of the course is 4 weeks, however, we have added an additional 8 weeks. In total, you automatically have 12 weeks to complete the course.
  5. What if I do not complete the course in 12 weeks?
    The course is automatically cancelled and you will have to re-register in order to continue the course unless you have communicated the reasons for not completing in the given time and an agreement has been reached.
  6. What is the difference between Option A, Option B and Option C?
    TEFL option A is only the 120 hour TEFL course with no additional services. The course in Option A still provides you with guided assistance. Option B TEFL is the 120 hour TEFL course and career coaching/guidance provided to you. In TEFL Option C you get the TEFL 120 hour course and the Teaching Online Workshop. The TEFL course in option A, option B and option C is the same. The only difference in the options are the added services.
  7. How does the career coaching/guidance take place?
    Online, either while doing the TEFL course or after.
  8. Do I have to take the Career guidance/coaching at the same time or immediately after I do the TEFL course?
    No, you choose when you are ready for career coaching. Even if it is 1 year later, that is also accepted.
  9. How many consultations do I get with the career coaching in the TEFL Option B package?
    You get 4 one hour sessions.
  10. Once my four consultations are over, does all communication get lost with Nabeel Abed Academy?
    No, Nabeel Abed Academy will be ready to assist you at any time, at no additional cost.
  11. What are the benefits of doing a TEFL course?
    TEFL opens up the doors to many different opportunities. You do not have to only teach at a school. You can also focus on ESL (English for special purposes), teaching adults and even teaching online.
  12. What qualifications do I need to do the course? If I have a B.Ed. degree, do I still need a TEFL?
    There are no requirements to do a TEFL course. Nowadays schools/companies will require it because teaching English as a Foreign Language is very different from teaching native speakers of English. Schools/companies also pay a bit more if you have a TEFL, so why lose out financially?
  13. Does a TEFL guarantee me a job?
    No, not even a degree guarantees you a job. It does greatly improve your chances of employment.
  14. I do not have teaching experience, my degree is not in education, I don’t even think that I want to be a teacher, can I still work overseas?
    Yes, you can, but it will take you longer to find work. The fastest and easiest way to get overseas is to teach English as a foreign language. You are born with the skill that others need and are willing to pay for, English… Capitalize on it. Change your vision slightly to achieve your ultimate goal! Use TEFL to get overseas easily once there, network in your intended field makes it much easier.
  15. Do I need to have a degree to work overseas?
    There are a few countries that require you have a degree with a TEFL cert. There are a few that specify you need to have a B.Ed. degree, but there are a lot of other countries where if you just have a TEFL certificate, then you are fine.
  16. Does Nabeel Abed Academy only work within education?
    No! Career coaching which is a separate service that deals with all industries both locally and internationally. Career coaching is an added service to the TEFL option B but is also separate to everybody.
  17. What is the Teaching Online Workshop?
    This is a 6 day workshop mainly for people who are interested in just teaching online.
    Teaching Online Workshop detailed information. Do note that the Teaching Online Workshop can be done separately or as TEFL option C. 
  18. Where is Nabeel Abed Academy based?
    Nabeel Abed Academy registration and accreditation are all South African based. Nabeel Abed Academy originates from Durban, South Africa and is actively run from Durban, South Africa. So it is South African, however, due to being an online/ distance learning institute, Nabeel Abed is currently operating from Tunis, Tunisia, and travels every year to South Africa to conduct work with the various projects running.
  19. How can I contact Nabeel Abed?
    Nabeel Abed has left the channels of communication open to everybody through
    FB – www.facebook.com/nabeelabedworld
    Instagram – www.instagram.com/nabeelabedworld
    Email – nabeel@nabeelabed.co.za
    WhatsApp – +21651178694.
  20. Are there specific office hours to make contact?
    No! Nabeel Abed Academy emphasizes on individual and personalized attention, therefore, everybody is welcome to make contact at times best suited for them. Nabeel Abed usually replies instantly.