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What does a career consultant do?

A career consultant or coach responds to whatever career-related issues are troubling the client. One of the most commonly asked questions is how to determine a new career direction or how to move abroad. Many career consultants have experience in recruitment. Because this question is very perplexing to the person and because it can be a difficult question to resolve on one’s own, the career consultant can be very helpful. We don’t know what the client wants to do, but part of our expertise is to help the client define what he wants to do.
The client may be too close to the issue and may lack the needed objectivity to define an answer. The career consultant is not personally involved with the issue and therefore can guide the client through the steps which will allow her/him to identify one or more possibilities s/he wants to pursue. Because the consultant has worked with a variety of clients on similar issues over a period of years, s/he can be an effective guide. Many people want to move overseas, yet don’t fully understand how this achieved. Often times people are given information by friends or family and are misguided because the information is either old or inaccurate. If the client wants — or sometimes needs — to choose a new direction, the first step is for him/her to define his/her favorite skills, interests, values. This can be done with exercises, various assessment instruments (sometimes called “tests”) and discussions with the career consultant.  A career consultant is there to teach and guide you through the process of finding work, not to do everything for you.

What’s included in the consultation :

  • One on one conference via Skype, WhatsApp or Zoom – whichever is selected by the client.
  • Clarify the vision and direction of your career & preferred lifestyle.
  • Set career goals and objectives.

Keep in mind that all consultations including information given are tailored for each client.
No two clients are the same.

 The Process 
1. Assessment
Understanding what you want

2. Career Assessment
Do you know about the position?
Do you know about the industry you want to work in?
Do you know about the company and the different working conditions that vary?

3. Coaching Session
What have you tried that is not working and why?
What do you already know?
What’s happening in the market?
Evaluate the pros and cons of the move you intend to make.
Establish a foundation and plan for the future 
Consultation resource pack

4. Prepare Resume 
5. Job Searching and placement assistance 
6. Interview Coaching 

Introduction to industry professionals – contact details and research information.


Career guidance for students – 

A tailored service where students in high school or college gain clarity around their talent and learn about great-fit career choices and the steps to get there. The approach taken is different.

Beyond university… What do we mean?
We focus on what happens after university. We find this a much better route as students need to know what really goes on in industry and how things really work so that they have a clear understanding of what they want to do at university. It is a known fact that the reason why many people are either unhappy in their work or switch careers is due to not being properly guided or even misinformed.



Pricing – 

Option 1 –  R 5 000
8 consultations 

Option 2 –  R 2 500
4 consultations

Option 3 – R 750

Individual consults of 1 hour each 


“Nabeel recruited me for work in Saudi about 5 years ago and I found him extremely capable and trustworthy. He solved a couple of visa problems for me with great professionalism and determination. I then met him in Saudi and this confirmed my first impressions; he is a truly able and committed individual.He also has a very good background in fields beyond recruitment. A great chap! ”  Kyriacos Andreas Kyriacou – Teacher