Nabeel Abed Academy

Nabeel Abed is an experienced teacher and popular career consultant and recruiter who has worked for many years in schools in the Middle East. He is widely respected for his work in the field of inquiry-based learning, ICT in Education and integrative curriculums in which he has taught. Nabeel began his professional life as a photographer but later moved into education where he began as a classroom teacher and then transitioned into teacher development and career consulting. His fascination with how students’ constructed their understandings and his interest in the way questions and big ideas could drive curriculum, soon led to a passion for integrative and inquiry-based methodologies. This passion has become a career-long focus on teaching, research and writing and the methodologies in which Nabeel now aims to make a central focus in schools throughout Africa.

Critical to Nabeel’s success is his continued involvement in classroom teaching. Whether it is to demonstrate techniques, coach teachers or build his own repertoire of practices, Nabeel is committed to regular and on-going work with students. His classroom work and research feed a dynamic and ever-evolving expertise in the area of integrative and inquiry-based learning.

Nabeel’s professional development offerings are diverse. They range from intensive partnerships with schools to develop inquiry-based learning programs and practices over several years to one-day workshops for beginning or experienced inquiry teachers. Nabeel also conducts career consulting workshops as well as one on one consultations. Nabeel is one of the driving forces of youth development in East Africa and is also a TEFL course provider to people who wish to teach English overseas.

Whether in his hometown of Durban or on the other side of the world, working with a team or speaking to a packed auditorium Nabeel’s style is refreshingly practical, inclusive and always connected to the real world.

Nabeel Abed – Fine Jewellery

Nabeel Abed is a photographer, educator, career coach and jewellery designer. Nabeel’s journey first started as an artist and then he transitioned into education and coaching. Jewellery design brings Nabeel back to art, while still focusing on education and enhancing the lives of individuals through coaching.

For Nabeel, inspiration begins with a strong emotion. You have to feel to be inspired. Design is not about getting inspired from what you have seen in jewellery, but the process of being able to find design wherever you go.

Creating one of kind masterpieces that outlive its wearer and are passed down generations and “where dreams become reality” .The NABEEL ABED FINE JEWELLERY brand does not compromise in design, quality and finish.

NABEEL ABED FINE JEWELLERY is exclusive and made to order.  VVS diamonds from Belgium. Gold, and other precious gems from various parts of Asia, NABEEL ABED FINE JEWELLERY, uses the best to produce the best. Made to order, bespoke, hand crafted jewellery exclusively for you.